Our Mission

Our Galaxy Publishing is an independent press on a mission to create a space for women to write and publish their stories without limitations.

We assist in providing women with the resources and support to confidently build their author brands and publish their stories with conviction. We are pursuing a platform for women to discover their voice and encourage new ideas through the collective.

Developing writing and editing services and author branding and publishing, Our Galaxy is an entity promoting clarity for women on their writing endeavors while adding validity to their thoughts. 

This publishing house is about adjusting the general publishing landscape to meet the average writer’s needs and keep their artistic control. Our Galaxy encourages writers to uphold their work’s integrity without diminishing their creative drive or having to meet financial expectations that are not realistic.

It is a community constructed for the likeness and fairness of creativity and diversity.


About Your Commanders

Lindsay Tisi

Lindsay Tisi is an entrepreneur from Queens, New York. She is currently studying for a degree in Marketing and made her professional debut working in e-Commerce sales.

After co-founding Our Galaxy Publishing in 2019, she adjusted to life as the Head of Web/Graphic Design and IT Operations leader for the press. Since then, she has been actively creating web content to assist women in their writing ventures further.

Tisi is a problem solver, often being driven by creating new solutions to old obstacles. When not working, she is pursuing her dream life as a pasta-enthusiast.

Christine Weimer

Christine Weimer is an author and entrepreneur from Queens, New York. After obtaining her BA in Creative Writing & English, Weimer sought a new way to express her voice and women’s voices like her professionally.

In 2019, she co-founded Our Galaxy Publishing and became the press’s Editor-in-Chief and Writing Mentor. She is currently studying for her MFA to extend her knowledge of the craft further.

Weimer resides with her toddler daughter, where she tends to her garden and continues to find new ways to promote the importance of expressive outlets for women.

Her first poetry collection, Tainted Lionheart, has been well-acclaimed. I Got to Know Nature is the second part of her poetic series. It’s third and final component, Claiming the Throne, is set to be released in Spring 2021.



by Christine Weimer