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Be a part of the universal narrative with surefire resources that accelerate your influence and elevate your confidence to write and perform as your authentic, creative self. Your story is your magic power. We’re daring you to tell it and providing you the guaranteed steps to make it possible. No excuses.


We’re here to prove to you it does.

Whether authors, freelance writers, speakers, or business owners, the ultimate way to make a difference in the world is to use your individual voice to speak out and write what you think the world needs more of. The most relatable and astounding leaders are compelling storytellers. Why? Because humans connect to what they can see themselves in.


You’re born with a story in you. The most captivating way to put your ideas into the world is to inspire, educate, and engage through storytelling. We’re all on an emotional journey that yearns to establish a connection to something. Story does that for us.

So, are you ready to unleash your creative beast by captivating your audience with the effortless mastery of storytelling tact?

We’ve got you covered.


If you’re dedicated to igniting your inner passions and investing in all the badass brilliance you have to contribute, we’re here to guide you to becoming unstoppable. Commit to life-changing results and we’ll reveal our proven strategies and services that provide a detailed, collaborative approach to unlocking your limitless creative capacity.

With a tested and developed system of solutions, our helping hands supply you with constructive methods that reflect an effective design.

  • Get the affordable services you need to have a break-out book launch that surges your author brand and creative identity. Manuscript Editing, Query Letter Writing, Book Blurbs; you name it, we’ve got what is needed to assure your success.

  • Transform your ideas and expand on your writing craft with our personalized, quality writing workshops that are intended to verify a lifetime of thriving creativity. Gain knowledge in Book Marketing, Story Outline & Story Elements, Mindful Writing Practices and more.

  • Stand out in your business and commit to achieving prosperity through authentic storytelling. We’re taking the oath to provide you with high-stakes creative copywriting that converts. Let us generate Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Email Campaigns, Web Copy and beyond to easily secure triumphant connections as an innovative entrepreneur. 

Pamela Kay

“Today she made me realize it’s okay to just be. Today she made me realize I can be my authentic self. For someone who is the same age as my kids, she is full of wisdom. I love her passion, and she ignites my soul when we talk. I look forward to every single session. She is truly something else.”

Gail Marks Teevan

My experience was beyond my imagination. Christine is patient, professional, intelligent, mindful and approachable. She completely knows her business, has fun and is willing to teach. My words could never reach the appreciation I have for her work or for her as a human.

Carolyn Gower

Christine was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is not only very knowledgeable in her field, but also has the most caring and encouraging nature. I’m looking forward to working with her further in the future.

Robyn Schindler

These women understood what it meant to be a working mom, juggling roles and managing schedules. They provided stellar feedback and worked with me through every step. Most importantly, they understood from our first meeting that my vision had to stay as my vision. They’ve respected that and ensured that every edit and every draft reflects what I want to say and what I want my work to show.

Crystal Moon

Christine is a phenomenal writer, editor, and human being who clearly sees through all of my clumsiness and right into the heart of my story. She’s very intuitive, encouraging, supportive and an all around good person.

Christine Minucci

Christine changed my life. She has been helping me with whatever I may need. I cannot read, so I may require different techniques and ideas for her to assist me. But she does it. There is no stress and I am comfortable, feeling like I am on a cloud.

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Venus Rising: Lessons & Lore from Modern Women

The purpose of producing this anthology is to showcase the raw thoughts and emotions of today’s women, encapsulating their individual experiences. We intend to create a collection that highlights independent women writers and awards them an opportunity to publish their work. These ideals continue to drive Our Galaxy’s mission through storytelling.

Four Pounds of Pressure: Taking her Power Back through Story

I began writing my story within the first week of surviving it. I wrote to remember details, process, and perhaps find an easier way to tell my family what happened rather than verbalizing it. I continued writing more regularly because it became therapeutic.

danielle leukam our galaxy publishing

Book Review: Four Pounds of Pressure by Danielle Leukam

Not only was I moved by Danielle’s poignant words, I felt myself riding with her through the ups and downs of the wave of emotions she experienced. I admire her for amplifying her voice and the voices of others like her in this way. She is more than just a survivor. She is an advocate, an activist, a warrior.

new blog post, spiritual healing

Getting Connected while Adventuring with Poseidon

“As a Spiritual Mentor, Psychic and Intuitive Guide, I have had to learn how to love myself unconditionally for who I am.”

book review, indie author, five stars, writing help

Book Review: A Guidebook for Connection by Sydney Smith

A guidebook encouraging you to get connected to self and the universe around you with the right tools and insight.

author writer children's book

Meet Our Galaxy Author, Patty Ihm

Patty Ihm wrote a coming-of-age tale about a young girl named Goldie who, at any age, we can see ourselves in. Read more about her writing journey and get to know all that she is.

author writer publisher

Swallowing Stones: Where Did This Name/Idea Come From?

Makayla Ruebush’s debut essay collection, Swallowing Stones, is in its editing stages. Read more about why Makayla is writing this book and where its idea originated.

tone and mood in writing. story outline

Master the Difference: Tone and Mood in Writing

Master tone and mood in your story outline and write a novel that leaves a lasting impact on its readers with creative storytelling.

On Writing Race: Tips for the Conscious Writer

As writers, using appropriate language and accurately representing different cultures is our respectful duty. This challenge of communication, of expressing right and wrong, has taken a multitude of industries by storm, and the writing world was not an exception. 

Creative Explorations through Childlike Adventures

From Erotic Romance to YA Fantasy and onto Children’s Literature, April Stults is embarking on an academic adventure with Milo the Doodle Cat and his friends…


Our universe exists to crush your limiting beliefs and uplift your creative purpose.


Our universe exists to crush your limiting beliefs and uplift your creative purpose.