Here at Our Galaxy Publishing, we’ve developed services that will meet every need a writer has to achieve their goals. From writing to editing to author branding: let us assist you with your efforts with affordability. We leave no page unturned.

These services are ideal for:

  •       writers who are in pursuit of self-publishing. Our solutions provide you with each element needed to write, edit, publish, and market your book on your own for a successful launch.
  •       writers who plan to publish their book traditionally but are overwhelmed by some of the key components required to seek an agent or publisher. We’ve designed various resolutions to get your manuscript and author identity where it needs to be.
  •       business owners, entrepreneurs, and bloggers in need of content creation, editing, and promotional assistance. These tools will support your creative wishes.

Writing Services


Have you got a story to tell? Let us help you unfold your book idea by emulating your voice and vision. Covering any genre, our high standard performance can bring any of your writing goals to fruition for you.

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Technical Ghostwriting

This service is best for bloggers and business owners looking for services from e-books to how-to guides to pamphlets and more. Give us the details about who you are and what you provide, and we will do the footwork for you.

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Content Writing

Tell us about your brand, and we will create material for your website, blog, e-mail newsletters, and other media. We will create content based on your unique style.

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Book Blurb

Your book is done, and you need to sum it up for promotion. We can write you a compelling book blurb that sells.

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Author Bio

Need help to connect with readers about who you are? Let us get to know you and construct a memorable author bio that introduces you in a nutshell.

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Query Letter

It’s time to shop your book around! Writing a pitch may seem daunting, but that’s where we come in! Our strategic formula will help your query write itself.

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Editing Services


Developmental Editing

This is the big picture, in-depth macro-examination of your manuscript in its entirety. We will provide feedback on linguistic elements, story and sentence structure, plot and character roles, and overall content editing.

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Here is where we take a well-developed manuscript and place it under a microscope. We will check for word jargon, spelling and grammar issues, story inconsistencies, and clear style.

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Your manuscript is almost a finished product; now proof it! We will check for formatting issues, typographical errors, syntax, basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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Interested in an Editing Package?

If you are searching for an all-in-one, developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading package…

Reach out to us!

We would be happy to provide you with all three editing stages for a package deal.

Technical Editing

This is for bloggers, writers, and business owners who create content and look for someone to polish and revise your informational/promotional material.

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Book Formatting

Writing a book: fun. Formatting a book: not so fun. We can take the not-so-fun part off your hands and format you a clear, consistent, and well-structured book that is ready to go live.

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Did you audio record or handwrite your manuscript or other written materials? With this service, we will type out and convert it for digital production.

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Author Branding Services

Author Website

Creating an author website is essential to building connections to your readers and generating new sales. Let us design you a basic three-tab website that leaves an impact and is true to who you are.

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Media Kit

As an author, a media kit is an all-purpose marketing tool that provides various information to anyone who wants to learn more about you and your work. We will construct one for you.

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Book Trailer

What better way to promote your newest book than with an enticing visual experience that will reel readers in. We can create the ultimate teaser that highlights your book best.

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Book Cover Design

First impressions are everything. A standout book cover may be the most important form of marketing that your book has. That’s why it needs to be outstanding! Let us work with you to create a cover design you’ll want to see on shelves.

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Book Mockup

Now that your book has a cover, it’s time to turn it into a professional rendition ready for promotion and advertisement. We will help you show off your book assets through our personalized marketing friend.

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KDP/Title Setup

Are you publishing your book on Amazon or other print-on-demand services? Let the experts get your book set up and ready for selling on your platform of choice.

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Brand Building Packages

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