Our Galaxy Publishing

is on a mission to create a space for women to write and publish their stories with knowledgeable confidence. To do that best, we have designed four key ways we can help:

1. Individual Writing Services

Our specialized services are designed to assist authors on all of their individual writing ventures. Whether it be through content creation, editing, or author branding: we provide the resources needed to not only write and edit your story, but market it as well. Click here to view each of these services.

2. Writing Mentorship Workshops

At Our Galaxy, we want writers to pursue their dreams and goals in a way that keeps them from getting stuck and losing empowerment. Through our many Writing Mentorship Workshops, we have specifically designed programs to educate and guide you through the motions of storytelling and book writing. No matter the genre, Our Galaxy has workshops for every stage of the writing process. Whether amateur or expert, we can help take your writing to the next level through our structured, in-depth methods of collaborating. Click here to view more on these workshops.

3. Publish a Book

While we enjoy being your biggest cheerleader in your self-publishing ventures, Our Galaxy Publishing also offers publishing with our press at no cost. We offer publishing to blooming writers in all genres of creative expression. Our purpose is to work alongside authors through a collaborative, personalized process that allows you to be a part of your project’s growth every step of the way. Simply follow the submission guidelines here, and if you’re a fit for Our Galaxy we will help you edit, produce, market, and design your book without charge in representing our brand.

4. Blog With Us

Providing women with a platform to share their stories and speak on their thoughts is imperative to Our Galaxy’s mission. If you are a writer or creative who has a pitch for a blog you would like to post, we want to give you the spotlight to do it. This is a great way to build your writing portfolio. Click here to learn how submit.