Sofija Sion

Born in the small country of Macedonia and currently living in Slovenia, Sofija is a young, yet experienced writer who loves to write about everything: from light topics such as romance, to more serious, opinionated pieces on politics, media, consumerism etc.

She is about to get her bachelor in Media and Marketing Communications with a specific focus in political communication. Except for writing, Sofija motivates young women to be the best version they can be through her small Instagram platform and podcast called Soph Rants and creates inspiring stories on her blog An Extrovert in a World of Introverts regarding fitness, health, motivation, business, and self-development. Sofija is an adrenaline junkie with the attention span of a puppy who loves to travel the world and challenge the notion of ordinary life.

She’s marketing communications consultant, content manager, motivational speaker, and aspiring writer soon to publish her first book – a collection of short, romantic stories under the name “Unfinished Stories for a Non-Existent Love”.

Connect with Sofija:

Instagram: @sofija.sion

Facebook: Sofija Sion

Linkedin: Sofija Sionova