A Writer’s Business

Join this one-to-one, business-to-book workshop if:

You’re an entrepreneur or service provider seeking to design an e-book to enhance authority in their field. 

You want to create an extended pamphlet/workbook for your clients and desired audience to show off your services/niche. 

You want to take your business to the next-level by connected with your desired client by way of e-book writing. 

You’re unsure of how to take your e-book ideas and turn them into a published/linkable marketing tool.

Package Cost: $249

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A Writer’s Jumpstart

Join this one-to-one, hit-the-ground-running workshop if: 

You’re an aspiring writer who is unclear of how to identify their purpose to bring their writing dreams to fruition. 

You’ve had a story concept reeling in your mind but are unsure of the proper way to outline and structure it for effectiveness. 

Your desire to write is driving you to seek regiment as well as the proper mindset and scheduling to get the job done once and for all. 

You’d love to become a published author but are looking to better understand how this whole publishing thing works.

You want efficient feedback and encouragement to keep going.

Package Cost: $249

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A Writer’s Craft

Join this one-to-one, creative-cognition workshop if:

You’ve got a great story idea but you’re unsure of what essential elements are needed to make that happen.

You’re an aspiring writer who has the desire to identify their purpose and create an expanded mindset on their knowledge of the skill. 

You want a greater grasp on story elements such as plot, setting, character, dialogue, descriptive language, style, voice, and theme before you write your first book. 

You are seeking a confident comprehension on how to create a story outline and understand the general components of writing a book. 

You want efficient feedback and encouragement to keep going.

Package Cost: $749

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A Writer’s Journey

Join this one-to-one, craft-to-creation workshop if: 

You’re ready to take accountability for your dreams and write your first draft of a novel to completion. 

You’re a writer with a story idea who is seeking assistance in creating an outline as well as a regimented writing schedule that keeps you going through the end. 

You want to learn more about the craft of writing as it pertains to your particular concept so you may apply it to your evolving writing style. 

You want to take your author brand seriously from the get-go by obtaining the proper knowledge and tools to create a professional author identity that will serve your book’s purpose. 

You want efficient feedback and encouragement to keep going.

Package Cost: $1949

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1:1 Coaching Package

A Custom Session for the Guidance You are Seeking. Purchase this service if you need help with:


$65 per hour

(retail value: $125 per hour)


Manuscript Feedback,

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Stuck on Queries & Book Proposals,

Time Management Guidance,

Assistance with Author Brand Building

Understanding the Craft,

Brainstorm Story Ideas, etc.

Your Choice of Zoom/Phone Call

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