Nova Brown

Nova Lisa Brown is a born and raised Brooklyn, New Yorker who spent most of her life as an active mother, foster mother, and wife until a near-death car accident (followed by two more) changed her life forever. Nova suffered severe injuries such as a spinal fracture, herniated discs in her neck, countless hematomas, and more. After numerous surgeries that did not seem to aid her quality of life, Nova was convinced she would be permanently disabled, partially paralyzed, and unable to walk again. 

But then Nova says the ancient religions and faith of the people in Osogbo, Nigeria saved her through remarkable spiritual transformation. After receiving Orisha (a manifestation of God), Nova not only began walking again but has since embarked on a divine journey to transcendence. She is currently expanding on her ritual practices and is most passionate about using her spirituality to help others. 

Now, Nova is working on her first memoir recounting the experiences that led to her metamorphosis, amending the battles she had to fight to get where she is. Her goal is to provide hope and spiritual atonement to all those she meets. 

Nova’s debut memoir is currently untitled and in the early production phases. It does not have a release date. 

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