Martha Mok

Martha Mok is the Super Confidence Coach, motivational speaker, multi-award-winning international make-up artist, author, and entrepreneur with multiple businesses residing in Sydney, Australia.

After overcoming sexual assault, bullying, and domestic violence, she found her life thriving through business and coaching. She is congruent in her niche of helping women gain confidence and has conducted over 1,000 coaching sessions to date.

Educated by Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Benjamin Harvey, Richmond Dinh, and more in business, marketing, life coaching, and neuro-linguistic programming, Mok has been featured in Women’s Health Week and many international magazines and podcasts.

Her mission statement is that No Woman Should Suffer in Silence. She is currently using what she calls her Super Effective Results Formula to help coaches avoid overwhelm and create profitable businesses.

Her debut memoir, Don’t Survive, Thrive, is set to be released in early 2022.

facebook: Martha Mok

instagram: @marthamok_makeuphair