Laura Christine

Laura Christine is a lifelong New Yorker who lives on Long Island with her husband, cat and dog. Laura has one daughter who is a nurse and a precious granddaughter, Mia.

Fifteen years ago, Laura unwrapped an eloquent box that awarded her access to the world of literature. This gifted box was unlike an ordinary treasure. Once opened, Laura began having dreams that, upon waking, would transform into beautiful poems and stories. Laura has written over two hundred poems and stories through this gift.

Laura’s poetry has been published in numerous publications worldwide. With the heart of a child, Laura was drawn especially to the children’s stories she created. Now, she is bringing her gifted stories to life.

Her very first children’s story, The Heeblah’s, took first prize in a short story contest.

Gardening, collecting seashells, fiber art and sculpting is a significant part of Laura’s life when she is not honing her gift for writing. She will be forever grateful for that beautiful gift that she is still unfolding. She welcomes you all to her treasure chest of literature. What riches will you unearth?

Laura Christine’s debut children’s book, Pick Me Up, is set to be released some time in 2022.