A Children’s Book for Transgender Acceptance

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A Children’s Book for Transgender Acceptance

Review By: Christine Weimer

Everyone needs a big cousin like Ollie. Movie nights and family vacations and fun swimming lessons? Count me in! But the adventures Ollie and his little cousin embark on are about so much more than an entertaining journey. You see, Ollie used to be Livvie, and Livvie never felt comfortable in their body. With the support and love of their family, Livvie made the brave decision to live as their authentic self, a boy named Ollie.

Tina Bauer and her son, Luke Travers, are the ultimate family duo, teaming up to write and illustrate their debut children’s story, My Big Cousin Ollie. What’s more, is the personal intent behind the book’s purpose. Tina’s son is transgender, and the pair wanted to write a story that would introduce children in their life to the term and establish a foundation of acknowledgment and love.

The story takes us on a journey through the narration of a child who goes on various adventures with their big cousin, and this alone is enough to keep young audiences engaged. With simple illustrations and to-the-point language, the duo gets right down to the heart of the story. Its most resonating themes of recognition and acceptance shine light once we meet Ollie—and the story asks nothing of us other than those two notions. Recognize transgender and accept it with an open mind.

I respect Tina and Luke’s approach to telling this story. They kept things lighthearted while upholding the integrity of the story’s purpose. I don’t believe this story is just for children who have a transgender person in their life because all children will benefit from My Big Cousin Ollie. It’s the perfect introductory tale for inclusivity in children’s lives, opening conversation for them to ask questions early with people they trust. It doesn’t force too much on them at one time, and it allows for diverse perspectives to integrate into their world through storytelling.

If you’ve got a little one you read to at home, add My Big Cousin Ollie to your reading list. If you know a parent who is looking for a tool to assist them in introducing these topics to their children, start with My Big Cousin Ollie. Answer questions they may have with grace, and if you don’t know the answer, now is the perfect time for you to experience new and important things with your children.

Be sure to check out Tina’s blog with Our Galaxy Publishing about how My Big Cousin Ollie came to be and grab yourself a copy wherever books are sold online. But here’s a link to purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Visit Tina’s website and follow her on Instagram for more of her book content.


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Christine Weimer is an entrepreneur, creative copywriter, two-time published poet, and writing mentor from Queens, New York, who sought an innovative way to amplify women’s voices and advocate for their stories. In 2019, she co-founded Our Galaxy Publishing, a one-stop-shop press collaborating with aspiring authors and entrepreneurs to instantly improve their storytelling and accomplish their creative desires. Learn more about her here. 

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