Meet Our Galaxy Author, Laura Christine

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Meet Our Galaxy Author, Laura Christine

By: Laura Christine

I use spirituality to live a life where I extend gratitude to everyday existence. But I have been known “to fight like a wildcat” too. I am a ferocious warrior but a playful kitten all the same. This is just the tip of my proverbial iceberg as I enter a new and welcoming world of writing.

Becoming a writer has not been a lifelong dream. As a child, vivid and unusual dreams were a part of who I was—and I remembered every detail. When I look back at this, I remember always saying if I could write about my dreams, a best seller would be born.

I always had abilities that were quite different, including prophetic dreams. As time marched on, I started researching the world of the metaphysical and supernatural. I educated myself about many novel levels to confirm this was a gift given from the Universe.

I matured as a not-so-happy camper, for life threw me curves that would stump a nuclear physicist. It was no parade, though, despite dark times, my stubborn nature would not give up.

One evening at bedtime, a commercial popped into my head, and would not leave. From there, a spark of inspiration ignited. Descriptive adjectives were presenting themselves one by one. I could not figure out what was going on. I just knew to pay attention to what was to come.

Words formed into sentences and into a story. I realized they were poems presenting themselves. One after another, they spilled out. I begged for it to stop, but did not want to forget the beauty that was in attendance. I knew I had to write them down. Sure enough, morning popped its bright and glorious existence, and I remembered every poem word-for-word.

The world of poetry was so new to me. My inspiration went on for months as I wrote hundreds of poems. Over time, I grew aware of these beautiful writing as bestowing solace to my spirit. All the poison I held in for years melted away. It was a gift I will always be grateful for.

The Universe would not have given me these poems just to later open a seashell chest with the writings shoved inside. Oh no. I had to share this with the world. And that I did. I published my poetry throughout the world. Including my self-published book, Metamorphosis.

The gift of writing has opened up a new door writing children’s tales, but the propellant that escalated my recent adventures calls me Grandma, or Sasso, as my granddaughter affectionately calls me!

My first children’s book, Pick Me Up, will be out in 2022. I plan to publish more poetry, but at the moment I am enjoying the pleasures of writing children’s stories.

Imagine opening a beautiful package every time a story is born. I am grateful, and it’s my time to glitter and shine. Look out, world, Laura Christine is ready for the spotlight.

Thank you, Our Galaxy Publishing for the lifeboat!

Laura Christine

Read more about Laura in her bio here.




  1. Leslie

    Mazel Tov ❤️

  2. Jessica

    So excited to see and hear more from this author!! I look forward to your book!!


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