A Multi-Author Collection that Endorses Change

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A Multi-Author Collection that Endorses Change. 

Will You Join the Movement?

BY Christine Weimer

The goal for Our Galaxy Publishing is to create space for women to use their authentic voices and express their creative innovations. It’s about advocating for stories to incite awareness, gain perspective and establish opportunities for cultural and literary expansion for women. ⁠

This decision has led me to meet women who have ultimately changed my life forever. My beliefs, my morals, my creativity; they’re all heavily impacted by those who have entrusted their stories with me. I grow through them—every day. ⁠

silvia youngSome months ago, I met Silvia Young, whose brave tenacity and resilient activism shook my values as a woman to the core. As an agent for female empowerment, her dedication to uncovering the truth of gender discrimination unleashed my discovery journey through women’s health stigmas that I never imagined I’d embark. ⁠

You can read more about Silvia’s health journey and the book we’re working on together in her candid blog here. 

Advocating for women’s health education and awareness is a global necessity. My daughter must learn body literacy and systematic diseases women face as a normalized integration of her academic curriculum. She will not grow up in a world where women do not receive the knowledge to make informed decisions about their bodies. It’s time to take power back.

A gaslit system has been generating discriminatory stigmas around women’s health for generations. Lack of health equity stops women in their tracks and prevents their ability to educate, advocate, and care for themselves. We need to do better to provide the resources and increase early awareness to bridge the gap between “in the dark” and “well-informed” about women’s health. It’s a worldwide issue. 

This is why Our Galaxy Publishing has decided to endorse Silvia’s non-profit organization FemTruth Youth, whose goal is to “reimagine school curriculum and culture inclusive of menstrual pain through artivism.” FemTruth Youth is creating new ways to advance the policies that will eliminate the shame, despair, and fear women experience because of their diseases and educate, elevate, and empower them instead. 

In producing our first anthology, Venus Rising: Lessons & Lore for Modern Women, Our Galaxy Publishing took the oath not to profit from the collection. We felt that because the multi-author works would be nothing without the women contributing, we sought a way for us all to give back collectively. So, we will be donating 100% of the proceeds from our anthology to FemTruth Youth’s non-profit efforts to bring their 3-act play, Gaslit, to communities to raise awareness in the reimagining of school curriculum and culture inclusivity of menstrual pain. 

The young women on the Executive Board of FemTruth Youth with Silvia Young are Sindhoori Kalavacharla and Suhani Akhouri, two inspiring high school seniors based in California whose hard work and persistent activism absolutely amaze me. 

There are many ways for you to get involved with their movement, and as a mother to a daughter, I could not encourage you more to go ahead and check out the movement they’re at the forefront of. It is my hope that we will all optimize FemTruth Youth’s tools and resources to amplify the goals we should all be aiming toward. 

We have the power to change the narrative. Let’s make it happen together. 

Until next time, writer friends. 




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