Venus Rising: Lessons & Lore from Modern Women

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Our Galaxy Publishing presents its first-ever multi-author anthology!

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I have carried many jobs in the past two years; copywriter, publisher, author, mentor, editor, and that’s just my professional resume. But one position takes precedence over them all: I am a story advocate.

No mode of connectivity brings humans together like story does. We connect to storytelling because we’re all in search of an explanation and purpose for our human experience, seeking a way to make sense of self. Stories remind us of who we are and how we got here. They bring the individual human experience together, conveying the values and insights that unite us.

Maya Angelou said: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

After spending too much time consumed by the pain of my own untold story, I sought another way. I contemplated why I had always been so fearful of expressing my truth of voice. Who would I be hurting? In retrospect, I know I was only hurting myself.

Lindsay and I founded Our Galaxy Publishing to amplify women’s voices and generate new ways to express creativity through the collective. I remember the two of us sitting outside my house drinking too much coffee and working way too late at night preparing for the launch of the press.

“Imagine producing an anthology one day?”

It was a long-term dream, but one I knew we could make happen in the foreseeable future. And here we are, in under two years, eager to publish our first of many multi-author works.

The purpose of producing this anthology is to showcase the raw thoughts and emotions of today’s women, encapsulating their individual experiences. We intend to create a collection that highlights independent women writers and awards them an opportunity to publish their work. These ideals continue to drive Our Galaxy’s mission through storytelling.

I want women to feel confident in their authentic voice and validate its value to our world. I seek the chance to show that while our stories portray a vast array of experiences, they all boil down to the same messages of seeking, fighting, and striving for love, acceptance, and truth.

And we all deserve to be a part of the conversation.

Through story, we cultivate new ways to grow through our individual experiences. That is what our anthology aims to do.

Venus Rising: Lessons & Lore from Modern Women is symbolic of Our Galaxy’s oath to always provide space for innovative, creative women to be heard. This initiative aims to put forth the most important message Our Galaxy wants women to know:

Your story matters, and we’re committed to helping you share it.

Our Galaxy is accepting submissions through the end of July 2021. Please consider joining this venture. Reach out if you’re unsure of what to submit or need an extended deadline for submission.

I’m here to empower and encourage you wherever I can.

Plus, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to an organization called FemTruth Youth, a non-profit advocating for inclusive education reform as it applies to women’s health equity. The funds raised will help them bring their 3-act play, Gaslit, to communities to raise awareness in the reimagining of school curriculum and culture inclusivity of menstrual pain. . Founded by Silvia Young, FemTruth is a movement Our Galaxy Publishing endorses and you can read more about our efforts to advocate for them here.

But for now, here’s what you need to know:

Submission Guidelines

  • Free to submit
  • All genres welcome
  • Submissions must be 6K words and under, a max of three poems, or a max of three black and white images
  • Send submissions to: with the subject title VENUS RISING SUBMISSION or head over here to submit.
  • No previous writing experience necessary

Topic Suggestions

(You are not limited to these. We love new ideas.)

  • body positivity
  • sexuality
  • human rights
  • motherhood
  • women’s health
  • spirituality
  • self-development
  • social class and work

Venus Rising Book Blurb

The divine feminine is a monarch of expressiveness. It is sensitive by nature, nurturing through an instinct that creates space for compassion. As a heart-centered intuit, the divine feminine reflects on the power of shared wisdom and innovation.

And it sits close to the sun. Taking in the heat, basking in the light, the divine feminine reigns through Venus, accentuating love as it orbits.

We are the divine feminine rising in Venus. We are healing and harmonizing the truth of our star-born journeys, collectively shooting for the beauty in our lessons learned. Accumulative insight passes down our celestial bodies, each in tune with our unique motions while still moving together.

Our stories combine in the foreground of our transcendence, exhibiting an array of odysseys trudged through infinities of unknown planes divine feminine must cross to ascend.

But those tales are no longer untold. They are Venus Rising.

**Please email us if you need an extension on our deadline. We’ll work with you.

If you need me, I’m an email away. Or, send me a private message on Instagram or Facebook. I love having fresh faces in Our Galaxy’s community.



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