Getting Connected while Adventuring with Poseidon

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By: Sydney Smith

As a Spiritual Mentor, Psychic and Intuitive Guide, I have had to learn how to love myself unconditionally for who I am. Throughout my life, I have carried a fear of rejection and judgment in all that I do and all that I am. This fear controlled me and manipulated me into being the best people pleaser I could be. I shifted and changed who I was only to have someone else approve of me. My fear of rejection resulted in me rejecting myself, my true nature, my essence, my inner spirit.

Over the last 4 years, I have been working hard at uncovering who I am, why I am the way I am, and ultimately, how I can love & support myself unconditionally. How did I do this? I journaled. A lot. I questioned my emotions, why they were coming forward, and how I could support myself through them. I dug deep into my limiting beliefs, my past pains, and all of my fears. I also celebrated my strengths, and I saw myself in a new light, a positive light.

In my journaling practice and connecting to the energies of the Moon, the Seasons, the Earth, the Animals and the Divine Universe, I created a life I love. I trusted myself again. I built awareness around how I was influenced by the energies of other people and my environment. I learned how to stand in my power, how to protect my thoughts and decisions, and I found my inner light.

I believe every single one of us has a gift that we are meant to share with the world. Society has led us to believe that when we are “different” we need to conform to the status quo and our uniqueness and weirdness should be frowned upon.


You were made to be different from everyone else. You have your own unique qualities that make you who you are and you should be celebrated for that! You are a powerful being who deserves more of whatever you desire!

I created the 2021 Guidebook to help you uncover your inner spirit. I want YOU to know that you are powerful and you have a brilliant light inside of you that shines brightly. This guidebook will lead you on the journey of learning about who you are and who you were made to be. It guides you in the step-by-step process of learning, healing, and growing throughout your life.

It has always been my desire to hold someone else’s hand amid their struggle and pain so they know they are not alone. Unfortunately, I cannot reach every single person on the planet to do this. So, I created the 2021 Guidebook. It’s my version of holding your hand, supporting you through the challenges life brings, cheering you on in your successes, and guiding you to your pedestal, where you can confidently create the life of your dreams.

I hope that through the use of the 2021 Guidebook you feel empowered to be your true self. I hope it teaches you about self-love, the power in gratitude, and the intentionality behind each of your thoughts, actions and decisions. This e-book will guide you to a life of more joy, peace, fulfillment, success, confidence, connection, trust, balance, purpose and so much more!

It is the number one tool to support you along your journey through life. The beautiful part about it, it’s not only for the year 2021. You can start it any day, any month, any year. The lessons, prompts and wisdom in the 2021 Guidebook will last you a lifetime!

-Sydney Smith 

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  1. Laura

    Hello Sydney! Boy do I need to read your book
    I am an empath, sensitive, medium and a host of others. I have looked for answers for decades
    Best wishes to all your endeavors


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