Book Review: A Guidebook for Connection by Sydney Smith

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A Review By: Christine Weimer

My personal and spiritual development has been the most essential part of running my business without burnout. When I am not aligned to self, I am not aligned to my business or my creative pursuits. Getting connected is a daily practice, and it can sometimes seem challenging to gain the right tools to better understand how to nurture, honor, and care for my body. Then I discovered Sydney’s 2021 Guidebook, and things got a whole lot easier.

Sydney is a Spiritual Mentor, Psychic and Intuitive Guide who compiled a simple yet abundantly informative guidebook to help people generate new, thought-provoking awareness about our mind and body and the universe it’s working through.

Just how much do the phases of the moon affect us in our everyday life? Are we paying attention to the universal energies around us? What about the signs and messages? How do we know when to listen?  

These are just some questions you can find answers to in Sydney’s book. What I love most is that Sydney goes above and beyond by giving us a guide for every month of the year. Plus, she discusses the correlation to our lives and the four seasons, providing a whole extra layer of information to help get in-tune with how we, and the world, operate. There are inspirational quotes, lots of affirmations, and journal prompts to follow the themes of each month.

But that’s not all.

Sydney means it when she says she wants us to expand our connection to self and universe, and she gives us all the ways to make it happen. There are many lighthearted activities Sydney provides to ask the right questions about who we are and get more inspiring answers that will help us live a more intentional life.

As an author and business owner, these mindset activities have opened me up to not only how to hone my craft better, but to understand who I want to be as a writer and a leader. Becoming a writer isn’t just about writing. To do this sustainably, you’ve got to get real about and prioritize your self-development. It’s about doing the inner-work, so that what you project out into the world will satisfy all your desires.

I highly recommend anyone grab a copy of this guidebook.

I’ve included a link to purchase it here. It’s affordable, and with the amount of information you’re getting, you’d probably pay even more if you had to. While it’s broken down by month, you can jump in on this at any time and use it for a full year. Honestly, I hope she makes another one of these. I am a hands-on learner, and Sydney’s guidebook was exactly the tool I needed for my practices.

And just to add, I have gotten to know Sydney this year and have worked with her for my own intuitive guidance. Yes, this book has been immensely helpful to me, but nothing compares to working with her one-on-one. She’s so gracefully good at what she does, and she cares about the people she guides. You can find out more about what she does on her website here. She radiates positivity and insight!


Follow Sydney on Instagram here and please do consider joining her Facebook group, Shifting Forward. There’s a plethora of goodness there.


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