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Finding Her WHY Behind Her Author Identity

There is a saying: “Know your why so that how becomes seamless.”

Often, we find ourselves caught up in the how.  How will I write a book? How will I make the characters come to life? How will I sell enough books to make a living as a writer?

Eventually, you get to where you look back and feel you’ve failed to accomplish anything because you focused too much on all the how. You focused on the wrong thing, which wasted time. Everything in life comes from your why.

For me, the why behind my writing didn’t come until 2020.

I’d been writing since I was a young girl. I’d journal ideas and release fantasies and daydreams into leatherbound notebooks. Yet, the beginning-middle-end sort of book didn’t come until 2008. I’d come up with an excuse to create something of substance.

A superficial reason was to create the most original 21st birthday presents a stepmom could give to her stepdaughter to make her proud. That why produced three novels, but it wasn’t enough.

In truth, that was when I started letting the how take over my brain, and the fun left. I’d exhausted a surface why, failing to go deep and appreciate the gift.

I can sit here and give many excuses, but the truth remains that I’d never thought of the real why behind my writing back then. I created a handful of other novels for eight years, but I was fighting the lack of writing enthusiasm.

I was always struggling with the dreaded writer’s block.

What woke me up? I found spirituality and meditation. Some would say I found my muse, but the reality is so much more beautiful. I met the part of myself that creates the worlds that I’ve written about, and I made peace with her.

Nowadays, when I sit in front of the computer and open whatever software I’m using to document a story, I am writing to heal a part of myself, even if it’s told through fiction. Someone once asked me if the stories I create come from events that happen in my reality. The answer to this is no, but some part of me feels a connection to my character’s experiences and in overcoming the obstacles they face.

In writing, I heal a part of my soul that needed it.

Fast forward to the YA novel I am working on currently.

I originally wrote it in 2014, you know, after I’d exhausted the original why that started all this. Witches and vampires have always been a fun fascination for me. My mom was born on Halloween, and I grew up hearing about the angels and saints and the local tarot card reader who’d just given a family member the best reading. The story is in my blood. This novel was fun, different, and full of youth.

But why this novel? Why remaster Broken?

When the pandemic hit, I had more downtime- as most did. Life changed, and I was spending more time meditating and doing shadow work. I mentally became acquainted with the original immortal witch to this series, the main character in the second novel.

I wrote the rough draft for that second novel in a matter of one month. When I typed the end I knew, at the core of my soul, that I had to give this character the best chance to meet the masses because she is such a badass warrior.

The only way to do that is to give Broken, the first novel in the series, the same love and attention and a real why worth sharing. We are in full production of the rewrite after deciding to publish with Our Galaxy. Giving Broken a fresh look, from the inside out, has been a genuine blessing. I get to take a novel that I wrote over a decade ago and transform it into the type of writer I have become. It isn’t easy, believe me, but it is so worth breathing new life into it.

-April Stults

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