Chasing Our Stars: The Journey to Our Galaxy

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To say that Our Galaxy Publishing’s concept hit us like a ton of bricks would be an overstatement. In retrospect, bricks have been thrown at Lindsay and me for most of our lives. One by one, they were begging for us to get the clue.

For Lindsay, those bricks would look like love for design. However, there was a lack of direction on what to do with it. For me, it would look like hundreds of pages of journal entries filled with poetry and prose. Yet I had no understanding of what that could mean for me outside of a hobby.

Sometimes, bricks would hit when Lindsay could wrap her brain around the back-ends of technology in a pinch. She’d assume it was a useless skill. I got smacked with bricks all through high school and early college when I made an income off writing essays, stories, and editing papers for other students (not throwing anyone under the bus, but now that I think about it, y’all were lazy).

But two years ago, something happened.

I accidentally wrote a book.

What I thought were hundreds of poems of my therapy (like I had always done) had been a cohesive collection that I knew I wanted out into the world. When I knocked on publishing doors that did not align with me, I did the only thing I knew how to do.

I went to Lindsay.

Twenty-two years of running to Lindsay, and this time was unlike any other.

When I sat with my best friend with my concerns and ideas, we saw almost three decades’ worth of bricks reappear before our eyes. This time, they didn’t hit us. As we sat and elaborated on this idea of starting our own company and changing the narrative of publishing, we watched in wonder as those bricks formed the same world we imagined for ourselves.

Finally, we got the clue, and this time we were ready.

There would be no Plan B for Our Galaxy.

We officiated Our Galaxy Publishing in August of 2019. Lindsay and I were giving ourselves six months to create a plan before we’d go live with our business. We had no idea what we were doing. We’re not ashamed of that. Our unknowing was precisely what got us where we are now. We were aware there was so much to know, and we were so eager to retain as much of it as we could.

And that’s what we did. We spent months on little sleep but with a rich determination to embody CEOs’ roles by learning and adapting- and learning some more.

Our Galaxy went live in March of 2020. We expected to spend the next year in a full mode of experimentation with my published books. We wanted to prove to ourselves that all we had learned to that point would be promising for our future and the future of the potential writers we hoped to seek out eventually.

But within days of launch, something else happened.

Above all, we were flooded with queries for publishing by women who wanted to work with us. Our DMs were filled with women who were telling us that they appreciated what we were doing. My book was selling consistently. Our website was gaining traffic through blogging.

Our Galaxy Publishing was connecting instantly. It happened at the speed of lightning for us. Now that we think about it, it’s exactly what needed to happen. If we had spent a year working on our initial plan, we would not have hit the milestones we have celebrated. But every woman who came onto our platform stuck with us, and Our Galaxy became an entity far beyond what we had envisioned.

We’ll celebrate our first anniversary in March of 2021 with more opportunities and a fresh set of goals. We’ve got about a dozen books in production. The authors we are collaborating with are thriving. Those who have been along for the ride will say we’re doing what we can to keep evolving the space we’re creating.

None of it was easy. Saying that blood, sweat, and tears went into making this happen is quite literal. There were many nights of hair-pulling frustration with self-doubt reigning. But giving up was never in the cards. No Plan B. We meant it.

Thank you again to everyone in our galaxy.

Your support and belief in the mission statement we stand by have not gone unnoticed. It is all we notice, and it is all that keeps us going. You have no idea what you have done for two women from Queens, New York, who wanted to create something of their own to share with those like them.

And let me say, these authors I mentioned; their stories (both the ones they’re writing and the ones they’re living) will resonate with you. You can learn more about most of them through our Author Page. We hope you’ll stay updated on their projects. The women we chose to work with this first year are a great core to represent the range of Our Galaxy’s potential.

The Our Galaxy team loves you, and we’re so excited for what’s in store for us all.

Christine Weimer


  1. Selin

    Excited to be on board ! Congrats on the anniversary!

  2. Laura Christine

    Christine and Lindsay congratulations on your one year anniversary!
    Thank you for the beautiful opportunity. I am excited and grateful to be a part of your family


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